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Company profile

The history of corrugated cardboard production in the company dates back to 1970 when the Kučkuriškės factory, renamed the Naujoji Vilnia cardboard manufacturing workshop, began manufacturing a variety of products from corrugated board. Today we can offer you the advantages provided by our many years of business experience and professionalism, flexibility and quality. We currently manufacture over 30,000 different products and are constantly expanding their range. In 2012, in order to strengthen our position in the corrugated cardboard market and to create more added value for our customers, we invested in the

construction of a new industrial building and new corrugated cardboard production and processing lines, which led us to a breakthrough at both the qualitative and quantitative level. Right now, our geographical sales market extends from Scandinavia to Western Europe, and you can see our products in stores on a daily basis. We manufacture corrugated cardboard packaging, based on the widely-recognized European FEFCO standard according to individual customer needs, and upon your request, we can design and produce an exceptional product.

Our quality

Impeccable product quality, preservation of the environment and the health and safety of our employees are our company's business priorities. The integration of certified management systems in our company is not just a formality, but actual work carried out with full dedication and responsibility.

  • Grigeo Packaging UAB successfully operates with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This system was adopted by the business in 1999. By actively maintaining and continuously improving it, the system guarantees the quality of production and efficient operation of the company.
  • In 2012, the business implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ensuring the continuous environmental performance of our company.
  • In 2016, the business implemented the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard. This standard helps to ensure the company's occupational health and safety, reducing the likelihood of accidents at work and occupational morbidity.
  • According to the 2023/2006, 1935/2004 and 282/2008 EU regulations, each company in the Republic of Lithuania producing materials and items in contact with food must have implemented good manufacturing practices (GMP). The implementation of good manufacturing practices is part of our product quality assurance chain, guaranteeing consistent production and control according to the highest production standards of Europe. This confirms that the products are safe and harmless in direct contact with food. Our product quality is periodically checked by independent international laboratories.
  • Subject to the fulfilment of all requirements of FSC standards FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1; FSC-STD-50-001 V1-2, on 29 August 2016 the corrugated cardboard and packaging business was awarded the Chain of Custody certificate of FSC®Ask responsible person about our FSC certified products”.

  • Please get acquainted with our Integrated Management System Policy Download 


Our services

Food packaging

Food packaging

We produce packaging suitable for contact with wood, confectionery, dairy products, pizza, eggs, etc. This can be a standard box, but should you request, we can create an attractive package that will accompany and preserve your products from their manufacture to the store shelves or the end-user.

Packaging for drinks

Packaging for drinks

We make containers with partitions for glassware, trays for beer or other beverage cans, and wrap-around (wrapped) boxes.

Furniture packing

Furniture packing

From small to large, from simple design to automatic locking – we produce a wide range of packaging for furniture manufacturing companies.



We produce sheets for overlay and packaging production.

Other packaging

Other packaging

We are flexible and creative. We provide solutions based on individual needs, whether it's packaging for chemicals, electronic items and liquid containers, or boxes for archiving, moving and other daily life or business needs.

Our services

Gofruotas kartonas - matmenys
Measurement Minimum, mm Maximum, mm
Ilgis 600 3000
Plotis 250 2500


Using the best raw paper materials of European manufacturers, we produce a high-quality range of triple-brown or white corrugated cardboard of various grammage. The minimum order quantity for B and C corrugated cardboard sheets is 500 m2, and for E, 1,000 m2. We produce a range of packaging with flexographic printing on it in 4 colours or without it.

Gofruotas kartonas - sluoksniai
Corrugation type Corrugation thickness, mm
C 3.9
B 2.9
E 1.6

Our boxes are durable, resistant to compression, lightweight, and perfect for safe and neat packaging, transportation and storage of production. Want to order 500 or 100,000 units of packaging items? We will offer you the best solution.

  • Grigeo general terms and conditions of the sale of goods (valid from 17 September 2018) Download 

Lack of ideas?

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