AB „Grigeo Grigiškės“ joined the group's holders of the FSC® certificate

AB „Grigeo Grigiškės“ joined the group's holders of the FSC® certificate

2016 09 13

On 29 August 2016, AB Grigeo Grigiškės was awarded the Chain of Custody certificate of the international non-profit organisation Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

This successful international forest certification system is recognised by global organisations concerned with environmental and social dimensions. The FSC certification covers all processing, production, transportation and distribution stages that a product passes on its way from a forest to a final consumer. The FSC certification ensures that a certified product is made of wood originating from a forest managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, also that none of the stages of the product manufacturing involves any material from non-certified forests. The FSC certificate not only helps to meet market demand, but also increases the company’s responsibility in respect of worldwide forest protection. 

The certification audit of the company was carried out by BM Trada Lietuva, the world’s leader in certification. BM TRADA has 32 representations in different countries around the globe. The certificate was issued by SCS Global Services. With regard to the FSC system, this company has already certified over 4,000 companies in all parts of the world.
The awarded FSC certificate (code SCS-COC-005687) allows for the manufacturing of base tissue paper from certified cellulose and corrugated cardboard products from certified raw materials such as flute, Kraft liner and test liner. For further information please refer to info.fsc.org.

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