80  %
of our production is exported to the EU
23 million. m2
of solid fibreboard products per year
years of manufacturing experience

Company profile

We are one of the leading producers of hardboard in the Baltic countries. This is a multi-purpose product used in the manufacture of furniture, rigid packaging, construction, interior design, exhibition stands, and a variety of other consumer or industrial needs.
The company has a modern, high-tech-based, panel painting line, using only water-soluble primers, printing inks and acrylic UV varnish. It has intelligent board cutting equipment for quick

and efficient cutting of panels to customised formats, and a professional and qualified team ensuring quality. Customers from all over the region appreciate our products sold under the Stallionboard brand name.
Production from production of Grigeo Baltwood UAB. Modern business management, investment in new technologies, and continuous staff training are the key components that enable us to confidently move forward together and be leaders in our field.

Our products

Uncoloured hardboard

Hardboard panels are made of softwood and hardwood fibres. This is a high quality product, resistant to physical impact and designed for indoor use.


Hardboard is widely used for the inner surfaces of furniture, decoration of residential and public premises, and in other consumer and multi-purpose products in dry premises. These panels are ideal:
  •  for the manufacture of furniture (internal cabinet walls, drawer bottoms, structural elements of upholstered furniture, bottoms of beds and sofas)
  •  for interior and exhibition stands (walls, exhibition items, decorations, painting bases)
  •  for rigid packaging.

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Painted hardboard

Hardboard is painted in white. The painted panels are covered with an acrylic UV lacquer, providing the panels with strength and resistance to the environment. They are painted with the use of modern technology and environment-friendly, clean, water-soluble printing inks and primers not harmful to human health.


Painted hardboard panels are used in the trim and decoration of residential, public and industrial buildings and interior decoration, when the premises are sufficiently dry. These panels are ideal:
  •  for the inner surfaces of furniture (internal cabinet walls, drawers, bottoms of beds and sofas)
  •  for interior and exhibition stands (walls, exhibition elements, decorations)
  •  for vehicle interior trim and in other widely used products or industrial applications.

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Our quality

Impeccable product quality, preservation of the environment and the health and safety of our employees are our company's business priorities. The integration of certified management systems in our company is not just a formality, but actual work carried out with full dedication and responsibility.

  • Grigeo Baltwood UAB has been successfully operating with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System for more than fifteen years. This system was adopted by the company in 1999. By actively maintaining and continuously improving it, the system guarantees the quality of production and efficient operation of the company.
  • In 2012, the company implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ensuring the continuous environmental performance of our company.
  • In 2012, the company was awarded a FSC® Chain of Custody certificate (www.fsc.org/). This certifies that the products are made from wood purchased from responsibly managed forests, which combine environmental protection, social welfare and long-term economic benefits.
  • In 2016, the company implemented the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard (ISO 45001 from 2021). This standard helps to ensure the company's occupational health and safety, reducing the likelihood of accidents at work and occupational morbidity.
  • Grigeo Baltwood UAB is part of the EFM organization (European Federation of MDF Manufacturers). Manufacturers using the wet-process system receive the NFB label for their products. This is a new natural product label which certifies that hardboard labelled with the NFB label complies with all European health and environmental standards. An NFB label on natural hardboard reassures consumers that they have safe and health-friendly panels in their homes, furniture and cars. NFB-labelled hardboard is manufactured using only natural wood fibres, without the use of any hazardous substances. These panels are safe for human health and contain no formaldehydes, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer identified as carcinogenic substances dangerous to human health in June 2004. NFB products are reusable and biodegradable.

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