49 000
that's how many tons of tissue paper we make per year
that’s how many of years we have been fostering care and cleanliness solutions
countries throughout the world – our export market

Company profile

The company has been engaged in the production of hygiene and cleanliness paper since 1823, when the first paper mill was opened in Kučkuriškės, near Vilnius. During our almost two centuries of production, we have become experts in tissue paper.

We are the only tissue paper factory in the Baltic countries and are proud to have developed a unique know-how in that area. We continually invest in equipment and improving the quality of our products, using the most advanced production technologies.

We are proud of the GRITE brand, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary in spring 2017. Many customers like the hygiene and cleanliness solutions offered by this brand. To meet the expectations of users, we have developed two product groups: GRITE – household products and GRITE PROFESSIONAL – products for the business segment.

We patiently work, create and improve to provide the best products and exceptional comfort for every customer.

Our production

For the household

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Folded paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Paper napkins


For business

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Folded paper towels
  • Wiping paper
  • Sanitary coverings
  • Paper napkins
  • Dispensers
  • Liquid soap, soap foam

Products business

  • Grigeo general terms and conditions of the sale of goods (valid from 17 September 2018) Download

Our quality

Impeccable product quality, preservation of the environment and the health and safety of our employees are our company's business priorities. The integration of certified management systems in our company is not just a formality, but actual work carried out with full dedication and responsibility.

  • Grigeo AB has been successfully operating with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System for more than fifteen years. This system was adopted by the company in 1999. By actively maintaining and continuously improving it, the system guarantees the quality of production and efficient operation of the company.
  • In 2012, the company implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ensuring the continuous environmental performance of our company.
  • In 2012, the products manufactured by the company were assigned the European Union eco-label – the EU Flower. Grigeo AB was the first company in Lithuania to receive this label from the Environmental Protection Agency. The EU ecolabel is awarded to products and services that meet the environmental requirements of the EU eco-labelling system.
  • In 2016, the company implemented the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard (ISO 45001 from 2021). This standard helps to ensure the company's occupational health and safety, reducing the likelihood of accidents at work and occupational morbidity.
  • In 2020, Grigeo AB was the first personal hygiene product manufacturer in Lithuania to receive an  “IFS HPC“ quality certificate. It certifies that hygienic paper products are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards and the products supplied to the market are of high quality and are so safe that can come into contact with food.
  • The eco-labelled products of Grigeo AB are made using processed raw materials from recycled or sustainably managed forests according to the FSC® Chain of Custody certificate requirements and consume less energy, use renewable energy resources and reduce pollution. These products do not contain harmful substances, do not pollute the environment, are harmless to health, and do not contain chlorine.
  • According to the 2023/2006, 1935/2004 and 282/2008 EU regulations, each company in the Republic of Lithuania producing materials and items in contact with food must have implemented good manufacturing practices (GMP). The implementation of good manufacturing practices is part of our product quality assurance chain, guaranteeing consistent production and control according to the highest production standards of Europe. This confirms that the products are safe and harmless in direct contact with food. Our product quality is periodically checked by independent international laboratories.
  • Subject to the fulfilment of all requirements of FSC standards FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1; FSC-STD-50-001 V1-2, on 29 August 2016 AB Grigeo was awarded the Chain of Custody certificate of FSC®. The certification applies to the manufacturing of base tissue paper and corrugated cardboard products. Ask responsible person about our FSC certified products.

Download our certificates:

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ISO 14001 Download EN
ISO 45001 Download EN
FSC® Download EN
Good manufacturing practice declaration (GMP) Download EN
EU Ecolabel Download EN
SWAN Download EN
IFS HPC Download EN
BfR(SB1) Download EN
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SURE Download EN

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  • Please get acquainted with our Integrated Management System Policy Download
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