Investments in the most modern corrugated cardboard production equipment ensure operational efficiency and the most advanced solutions on the market

Investments in the most modern corrugated cardboard production equipment ensure operational efficiency and the most advanced solutions on the market

2023 12 07

One of the biggest packaging manufacturers in the Baltic States, Grigeo Packaging, frequently uses technology to improve product quality and production efficiency. This year's accomplished projects included updating and modernizing the corrugated cardboard production line's installations. It is expected that the investment in the new line will contribute to a wider range of corrugated cardboard products for the company's clients. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this decision will enable the business to receive the highest food packaging certification.

The upgraded line was installed in conjunction with Grigeo Packaging's longstanding partner Fosber, one of the top global provider of equipment for producing corrugated cardboard packaging, helping to guarantee the highest level of productivity, maximum production process flexibility, and ultimate product quality.

"Continuous investments in modern technologies allow us to be one of the leaders of the corrugated cardboard packaging market in the Baltic region. Annually, we allocate resources towards automating production plants, making other enhancements, and boosting efficiency to fulfill our clients' evolving demands. To provide our clients with creative and eco-friendly product packaging, we are also broadening our selection," says Otonas Valiusis, CEO of Grigeo Packaging.

Reliable partners ensuring innovations

Fosber and Grigeo Packaging began working together back in 2014. The partner's commitment to innovation determines the length of their cooperation: the business consistently uses the newest technology to guarantee production flexibility and significantly reduce operating costs for clients.

"Grigeo Packaging is an important business partner that we value greatly since we have similar goals and beliefs. We are happy to have worked together for nearly a decade and successfully surmounted every obstacle that has come up. We express our gratitude for this harmonious and enduring partnership," states Tim Straker, Sales Director at Fosber.

Grigeo Packaging initiated a progressive modernization of its production equipment units by using Fosber's technologies. With twice the productivity, the modernized line will play a major role in increasing production capacity.

O. Valiušis asserts that advancements in technology are not the only factors that contribute to effective cooperation, high standards of service and partner support are also important.

"We want to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, so having the newest machinery to produce corrugated cardboard is crucial to our ability to do so. It's also critical that everything functions properly and that we can put all of our creative packaging ideas into practice. Utilizing the most cutting-edge technology, we can provide consumers with products that satisfy specific needs and expectations in addition to a range of standard packages. This guarantees our growth in Lithuanian markets as well as overseas ones," he states.

Grigeo Packaging's most recent technological innovation enables the company to produce stronger, more mechanically resistant 3- and 5-layer corrugated cardboard, as well as packaging made from it.

More sustainability in production processes

Working with Fosber makes Grigeo Packaging's operations and production more environmentally friendly. The production line, equipped with the newest technologies, helps to create a more sustainable production process by using less energy per unit of production. The packaging itself is an sustainable product.

"We are constantly making investments and setting up infrastructure so that we can provide sustainable products to our customers. Our goals are to lessen our influence on the environment, make prudent and responsible use of natural resources, encourage the use of secondary raw materials and renewable energy sources. We aim to provide our customers with innovative and environmentally friendly products, such as paper packaging, which is made of grass and has lower carbon emissions, by solidifying our position in the market. This is an exclusive product on the market of the Baltic countries", says O. Valiusis.

Upgrading the equipment will not only improve the quality of the products produced in the company, but also the working conditions for the employees working with the new equipment. An ergonomic workspace will be provided by the sound-dampening, climate control, and room temperature installed systems.

Grigeo Packaging is one of the largest packaging manufacturing companies in the Baltic States, producing corrugated cardboard sheets for domestic and foreign markets, packaging for food and beverages, as well as solutions for the furniture, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, e-commerce, and offering individual packaging solutions. The company belongs to one of the largest groups of paper and wood industry companies in the Baltic States, Grigeo.

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