Packaging produced by Grigeo Packaging is internationally certified

Packaging produced by Grigeo Packaging is internationally certified

2024 03 27

Grigeo Packaging UAB, one of the largest corrugated cardboard manufacturing companies in the Baltic States, has received international recognition. Following an international audit, the company was awarded the BRCGS Packaging Materials Level A certificate. 

This assessment proves that the company's packaging meets all quality and safety requirements.  

‘We are delighted to have received this international recognition, which demonstrates the highest standards in our business. Today, the BRCGS Packaging Materials certificate is one of the criteria for setting industry standards, which we have successfully fulfilled’, said Otonas Valiušis, Managing Director of Grigeo Packaging UAB. 

BRCGS Packaging Materials certificate is a global standard for packaging and packaging materials that is also recognised by retail chains in the European Union. 

The main criteria used to audit companies include the implementation and enforcement of a quality management system, compliance with legal requirements, and the control and supervision of products and processes. 

This year Grigeo Packaging UAB has been awarded A level certificate, one of the highest ratings. 

‘It is also recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which aims to ensure that safe food is produced for consumers in food companies and that packaging intended for it is safe’. 

‘This certificate becomes one of the main requirements for food industry for companies producing packaging - this is taken into account by both our partners and retail chains. Therefore, we hope that this evaluation will allow us to meet the needs of our customers, ensure safety, and high quality’, said Otonas Valiušis.  

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