Grigeo, AB is the only paper and wood industry company group in Lithuania and one of the largest in the Baltic countries. The Group includes the following companies: Grigeo, AB, Grigeo Packaging, UAB, Grigeo Klaipėda, AB, Grigeo Baltwood, UAB, Grigeo Recycling, UAB and Mena Pak, AT.

Our business processes cover almost the entire processing cycle of wood and paper components – from the tree up to the final product, and more precisely, from the tree – to the people, producing wood of high added value and paper products in our manufacturing process:

  •  hygienic paper – napkins, tissues, paper towels, toilet and cleaning paper – everything you might need at home or on the road, and everything that provides security and comfort in daily life.
  •  containerboard – environmentally friendly secondary raw material made of recycled waste paper used in the production of corrugated cardboard, its packaging, and honeycomb paper core.
  •  honeycomb paper core – which due to its light weight and attractive pricing, is increasingly appreciated and widely used in the furniture, automotive and construction industries, and in the manufacture of doors, wall panels, exhibition stands and trays.
  •  corrugated cardboard and packaging – in a variety of sizes, shapes and boxes, which are lightweight, durable, inexpensive and environmentally friendly, used for safe and tidy packaging, transportation and storage of food products, knitwear, chemicals and other goods.
  •  Hardboard – a safe and healthy product, appreciated for its wide application in the furniture and construction industries, as well as the production of packaging, stands and other industrial products.

All these products are manufactured while conserving resources: the company supplies itself with biofuel, saves electricity, purchases and recycles waste paper, and is engaged in reforestation and investment in water treatment facilities.

In our design and production, we always keep our customers, employees, partners and colleagues in mind – what is important to you and how we can contribute to your well-being and the surrounding environment.