employees in Grigeo group companies
12 year
avarage length of service in Grigeo group
78 %
of our management have made their career within the group

Our staff can tell you best about the work atmosphere and standards of work in the company. Thanks to our responsible, professional, result-oriented team members, that the group of companies is growing every day!


I like the diversity of work tasks, new technologies, and the team.

Edvinas has been working with AB Grigeo for almost a year. ‘I am most happy about the company’s name and managers, who value good employees and do their best for them. I am comprehensively devoted to work, try to achieve the best results, and am valued! I climb the career stairs even though I do not pursue a career. And my team is young, energetic, and cheerful. When working here, you have only positive emotions,’ says Edvinas, an operator of the Horizon tissue converting line.


The things that are important to me include stability and transparent activities, openness to innovation, and safety at work.

Vitaly says that when he chose AB Grigeo, it was a new challenge and the opportunity to fulfil his potential. Working as a corrugator operator, Vitaly now, after five years of work, continues to be delighted at working here and at the working atmosphere with their managers and the team. ‘I am motivated by teamwork. I like the work I do and am happy with my colleagues as our attitude to work coincides.


I am most delighted at the fact that it is employees rather than equipment what is the most valuable asset for the company.

Modestas started his career at AB Grigeo 6 years ago. ‘The corrugated cardboard production grew rapidly, and the Technical Service also evolved. After working as a mechatronics technician for just a year, I became the head of this Service. Now production continues to grow rapidly, with new equipment being installed and existing units being upgraded. The ever-changing environment, continuous improvement, and feeling of satisfaction with being able to create and change something motivate and inspire you to work. I am proud of my team, which is young but very professional. Their eyes shining with determination and insistence just prove that there is no unsolvable problem. This is the reasons why I love to work here.


The source of my inspiration is the Production Director.

Modestas has been working with AB Grigeo for three years. Now he works at the position of a tissue rewinder operator. ‘I chose AB Grigeo because here one can reach the heights. The most important is not to give up no matter how difficult it might be. I am proud of my director, and I am driven by the activity of some of my colleagues and by the ingenious, cheerful, and cooperating team next to me,’ says Modestas.


Managers do not offer empty promises but respect for employees, motivate them and encourage them to improve.

Three years ago, Arūnas chose AB Grigeo. Currently he operates a hygiene paper base production machine, which is the only modern installation of this type in the Baltic countries and one of the most advanced in Eastern Europe. ‘I am glad that I work with the company’s advanced equipment, which I manage to control, and to resolve any problems should they arise. My team is great – friendly and helpful. I am also happy with my working schedule, wages that are always paid in time, and improvement of my knowledge. I tell you the truth: I go to work as a holiday,’ says Arūnas, a tissue machine operator.



What motivates me and is my inspiration at work is, undoubtedly, the excellent team.

Five years ago, Aivaras chose AB Grigeo. At that time, he was looking for a promising company. Aivaras has been successfully working in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard and is glad with his contribution to the company’s activities and career opportunities.

‘I like creating. I am driven by colours. I am happy of my whole team and the company’s values inspire and involve in striving for higher goals. This is why I am here,’ says Aivaras, who now works as a paint and tool preparation operator.