In the presence of the pandemic Lithuanian producer offered a new product: won sympathies of Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians

In the presence of the pandemic Lithuanian producer offered a new product: won sympathies of Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians

2021 05 07

The year 2020, marked by the pandemic, brought about many changes in the commercial sector and worldwide. Having analysed statistics on the sale of new products that reached the markets of the Baltic States last year and the opinions of the customers, Company NielsenIQ made public new products, which enjoyed the greatest popularity among the customers.

Paper towels Grite Blossom XL ranked first in the category of paper products in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In all three Baltic States, this product outrivalled the products of other international paper producers that competed in the same category.

According to Darius Belevičius, Sales and Marketing Director of Company AB Grigeo, which produces the product, the purchasers assessed the innovation, and within a short time, they took a liking to it on account of its qualitative composition.

To produce paper towels that Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians assessed, long fibre cellulose, which assures that paper absorbs moisture readily and is strong and sustainable, was used. The product has been awarded the Ecolabel certificate.

‘We have noticed that buyers choose paper towels Grite Blossom XL, which are an irreplaceable helper in domestic situations, due to the ratio between their price and quality, as well as due to handy large packaging’, Darius Belevičius says.

Its larger than usual size allows the product to last for a longer time. Though it is only one packaging, it contains 325 sheets, which corresponds to the quantity of 4 usual rolls of paper towels. 

‘First of all, this trademark is among the best sold ones in all three Baltic States. Besides that, a high level of product distribution in the shops also contributed to its successful introduction into the market. An additional stage of a consumer survey confirmed a good repeated purchase of this product’, Aurimas Saulytis, Commercial Manager Baltic States at NielsenIQ, lists the factors that determined good Grite Blossom XL results.

In assessing the outstanding achievement, Darius Belevičius points to the changes that took place in the public behaviour during the pandemic: the buyers plan their purchases in advance with greater responsibility, go shopping rarer and give priority to larger packaging of their favourite product.

‘In producing one larger packaging of the same product, we contribute to increasing sustainability because in this way significantly less plastic is used for packing. The consumer also benefits by purchasing a larger packaging because he/she saves time, which would be spent on more frequent visits to supermarkets to buy packages of smaller volume or size’, Darius Balevičius states.

According to Commercial Manager Baltic States at NielsenIQ Aurymas Saulytis, in 2020, the largest market share of the sale of new products was in the growing category of home care products and, contrary to the groups of other goods, it was in the category of paper products that the producers fulfilled the need to run, keep tidy and clean their homes when spending more time at home, and offered the customers even 14 per cent more new products than last year.  Paper towels Grite Blossom XL were among these novelties, which demonstrated a high rate of growing sales. 

‘The pandemic encouraged many companies to look at the challenges posed to the consumers, at their changed needs and habits from a different angle, to devote greater attention to innovations and offer the buyers new products’, Aurymas Saulytis says.

It is not for the first time that Grite trademark earns rewards to NielsenIQ. In 2019, toilet paper Grite Blossom Camomile was recognised as the best new product in the category of paper products in Lithuania and Latvia.

Nielsen has been investigating and assessing groups of 20 most important food and household products in the supermarkets of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia since 2010. The Company rates new products that the consumers most often purchase then interviews the purchasers to find out if they noticed the selected new products, if they purchased them, how they valued them and if they bought them repeatedly.

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