Modernisation of the Klaipėdos Kartonas AB gas boiler plant

Modernisation of the Klaipėdos Kartonas AB gas boiler plant

2014 07 07

Klaipėdos Kartonas AB is the largest cardboard and paper packaging manufacturing processor in the Baltic region. Its main products are testliner and fluting – the raw material for corrugated cardboard. Testliner is a cardboard used for smooth corrugated cardboard layers. Fluting is paper used for fluting. In the second half of 2007, the company expanded its product range and launched the production of a new product – paper honeycomb. This product is a substitute for wood chips in the manufacture of furniture and doors. All of the company’s products are made from paper packaging. The production is environmentally friendly and 100% recycled from secondary raw materials. The company's production process is very important to the environmental system of the entire region, as it recycles and resupplies about 90% of the paper packaging collected in the region for consumption. In order to remain in the leading position and to integrate its activities with the environment, the company decided to carry out a large-scale investment project – the extension of the existing boiler house and its adaptation for biofuel.

On 19 October 2012, it signed a funding and administration agreement for project No. S-VP3-3.4-ŪM-02-K-02-003 “Modernisation of the current gas boiler unit of Klaipėdos Kartonas AB using renewable energy resources” (project code: VP3-3.4-ŪM-02-K-02-003). The project was implemented under the facility of VP3-3.4-ŪM-02-K “Use of renewable energy resources for energy production” of the 3rd priority “Environment and sustainable development” of the Cohesion Action Plan. The project was funded by the Cohesion Fund. The value of the boiler contract work was 20.5 million litas. The amount funded by the European Union was 6.0 million litas.

The management of Klaipėdos Kartonas AB, taking into account the ever-increasing price of natural gas, and the growing prices of other energy resources in Lithuania, as well as contributing to Lithuania's international commitments to increase the use of renewable energy sources in energy production, thereby reducing the dependence of the Republic of Lithuania on imported fossil fuels for the supply of heat energy, implemented the modernization project of the existing boiler plant. During the project, the company built a new 17.5 MW steam boiler and integrated it into the existing heating system. A condensing economizer was built to measure the flue gas temperature and reduce emissions, yielding an additional 5 MW of heat. The system was connected to the Klaipėdos Kartonas heating networks. The goal was achieved – a biofuel boiler plant was erected and connected to the existing heat generation system.

The project successfully achieved all its targets and tasks, and led to a reduction in production costs, while eliminating the dependence on gas consumption. The project was completed in its full scope. The savings achieved by the boiler house modernization, which had previously been allocated to the acquisition of gas, will now be invested in increasing the scope of production.

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