"Grigeo Klaipėda" ships cardboard to Ukraine via Poland by rail

"Grigeo Klaipėda" ships cardboard to Ukraine via Poland by rail

2022 07 21

The head of the group, Gintautas Pangonis, says that cardboard is transported from the group's cardboard production company “Grigeo Klaipėda” to another company owned by the group, the corrugated cardboard factory "Mena Pak" in Ukraine.

Due to the war started by Russia in Ukraine, "Mena Pak" stopped its activities at the end of February. The factory has resumed the work since May, but due to blown-up bridges and damaged infrastructure, the shipment of production has become complicated as trucks have to make huge detours.

Mr Pangonis says that transporting cardboard by rail can solve these logistical problems. Whether it succeeds will become clear after testing the first shipment.

"We will see how everything will be transported and organized, how much it will cost, and then we will make further decisions. In addition, there were no return cargoes for grain from Klaipėda. So, everyone was looking for goods that could be transported cheaper and more efficiently. Perhaps, that gap will be filled. Let's hope for that," said G. Pangonis.

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