"Grigeo" is sending four anti-drone systems to Ukraine

"Grigeo" is sending four anti-drone systems to Ukraine

2022 07 25

The group of paper and wood industry companies "Grigeo", in cooperation with the "Blue / Yellow" organization, will transmit four anti-drone systems to the Ukrainian army. The value of systems reaches 60 thousand euros.

"The newest support package was prepared with the employees during the traditional summer holiday. Since the employees of our Ukrainian company could not come due to the war, we collectively agreed to support them. Therefore, we are sending the necessary reinforcements to the front," says Gintautas Pangonis, president of "Grigeo" group.

Anti-drone systems are manufactured by the Lithuanian company "NT Service". Their acquisition and delivery to the front is carried out by "Grigeo" together with "Blue/Yellow".

Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, the company has already allocated 35 thousand euros for humanitarian aid in Ukraine - to purchase food products, hygiene products, and other items needed by people who were affected by war.

"Mena Pak" is a corrugated board production company belonging to "Grigeo" group and operating in Ukraine. After suspending operations on the first day of the war, the company resumed production in May.

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