Investments in the environment – to provide for sustainable business

Investments in the environment – to provide for sustainable business

2015 07 15

In clearly understanding the importance of being environmentally-friendly to the world around us and the public, Grigiškės AB constantly invests in projects that further protect the surrounding ecosystem and create a cleaner environment.

In 2015, the company implemented the “Installation of a closed-cycle water loop at Grigiškės AB” project. It installed an SR270 sand separator and a SF500 recycled waste dewatering press.
Once installed, the planned reduction in wastewater should be approximately 40,000 m3. The reduction in the sand used during the year will be about 2000 kg. The reduction in sludge (paper fibre) should be about 500 tons a year.

In 2013, the company implemented the “Installation of a storm water treatment plant at Grigiškės AB” project. The company installed three storm water treatment plants (LVI) for storm water collection and treatment in its territory. The installations began to operate in early 2013. After the completion of this project, the company only discharges treated wastewater into the Neris River. It traps about 1,300 kg of emissions per year.

In 2012, Grigiškės AB implemented the “Installation of air treatment equipment in the paper production unit at Grigiškės AB” environmental project. The project included the installation of a modern sleeve filter for paper dust extraction from the wrapping paper surface. It will significantly reduce pollution from particulate matter in the ambient air and in the papermaking workshop. The exhaust air filtration efficiency of the filter is more than 95%. The emission of particulate matter is now 1.5 tons less than before the project.

In general, Grigiškės AB has allocated 268,755 euro for all its environmental projects (LTL 927,957). The projects were co-financed by the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund, which contributed EUR 165,452 (LTL 571,272) of support.

The Grigiškės AB land territory is adjacent to the Voke and Neris rivers. The projects it has implemented effectively reduce water pollution, which makes it possible to better preserve the ecosystem of the rivers.

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