The second strategic cargo of cardboard is on its way to Ukraine by rail

The second strategic cargo of cardboard is on its way to Ukraine by rail

2022 08 31

This cargo of raw material is the largest since the beginning of the war.

The strategic planning of the most efficient logistics route allows the transportation of agricultural products and raw materials that Ukraine needs. The Ukrainian government has issued the strategic raw material status to paper.

Last week, the same train transferred a grain cargo from Ukraine's port city. Unloading and stacking of cargo trains were accomplished in less than two weeks.

"Cardboard transported from Lithuania is used in Ukraine for food, hygiene items, and other goods packaging. Due to the war, the activity of some packaging factories in the country has been affected. They only operate at about half of their capacity. Therefore, we have mobilized our capabilities to help out," says Tomas Eikinas, CEO of “Grigeo Klaipėda”.

The cargo of cardboard exported to Ukraine will be tranported to another “Grigeo group” company operating in Ukraine, the corrugated cardboard manufacturer “Mena Pak”, which renewed operations in May.

The first shipment of cardboard, destined for “Mena Pak” and other domestic manufacturers, was delivered to Ukraine by rail at the end of July. Until then, cardboard was being transfered by land freight.

"Grigeo Klaipėda" produces cardboard only from recyclable raw materials. On average, up to 120 thousand tons of waste paper are purchased and used for cardboard manufacturing in the Baltic States in a year.

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