Revival of the 20 year-old Grite brand

Revival of the 20 year-old Grite brand

2015 08 01

GRIGIŠKĖS AB made a strategic decision to strengthen the market positioning of the GRITE brand, which has been around for nearly 20 years. This included optimisation of the product design and updating of the GRITE and GRITE PROFESSIONAL logos and product packaging. The intensive work yielded valuable results. Today the company can enjoy the new face of GRITE and the results of its long-term efforts.

The updated GRITE long-term brand positioning strategy states: “GRITE. A balance of softness and strength”. It is an inspiring vision that encourages the maximum utilisation of the full potential of the new paper production machine and conversion lines every day and moving forward with the entire team, which puts its maximum effort into the creative, organizational, production process.

The new GRITE presented renewed product families, allowing customers to experience its new quality, which is ensured by the base made by the new paper machine and the updated production technology. Moreover, we are the first European tissue paper manufacturers to present the unprecedented GRITE BALANCE RATE product ranking system, with the main task of helping customers choose tissue paper products. GRITE product packages are now labelled with special markings, rationally and easily explaining to the customer what product he is choosing, which needs it meets, and indicating the key features of the products. It is a structured marking, providing even greater convenience to the customer.

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