In implementing the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Protection of Whistleblowers and the Description of the Procedure for the Introduction of Internal Channels for the Provision of Information on Infringements approved by Resolution No 1133 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania dated 14 November 2018 ‘Regarding the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Protection of Whistleblowers’, the AB Grigeo group of companies has established an internal channel for the provision of information on infringements and hereby informs about the procedure for the consideration of such information in the companies.

Who can provide a notice?

Any person who is or was linked with a company of the AB Grigeo group of companies by employment relationship or contractual relationship may provide information on an infringement in the company.

What kind of notices can you provide?

You can provide notices on a possibly impeding, ongoing or committed criminal offence, administrative offence, infringement of work duties as well as a gross violation of mandatory rules of professional ethics in any of the companies of the AB Grigeo group of companies or another infringement of law that endangers or violates the public interest about which you have become aware from your current or previous employment relationship or contractual relationship with the company.

Information on infringements is provided in order to protect the public interest. The provision of information in view of defending exclusively personal interests shall not be considered an infringement.

Information on infringements shall provided on the following:

  •  danger to public safety or health, life or health of a person;
  •  environmental hazards;
  •  obstruction of or unlawful interference with investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies or administration of justice by courts;
  •  financing of illegal activities;
  •  unauthorised or non-transparent use of public funds or property;
  •  illegally acquired property;
  •  concealment of the consequences of an infringement committed, obstruction of the determination of the extent of the consequences;
  •  other infringements.

How can you provide a notice?

1. Through the internal channel for information on infringements of the AB Grigeo group of companies:

  •  By e-mail: by filling in the Form of the Notice on Infringement and sending it by e-mail to
  •  By ordinary mail: By sending the information by post to the address of the head office of the respective company of the AB Grigeo group of companies. Information should be provided in a glued-in envelope marked ‘Notice according to the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Protection of Whistleblowers. To be opened by the responsible person’.

2. Directly to a competent institution (prosecutor’s office);

3. Publicly.

What will be the procedure for examining the notice?

Not later than within 5 (five) working days from the day of receipt of the information on the infringement, you will be informed about the decision made on the (non-)institution of the procedure for the examination of the notice and, upon the completion of the examination of the notice, not later than within 1 (one) working day, about the decision made, results of the examination, and actions taken or to be taken.

How will your protection be ensured?

The person providing information will be subject to confidentiality.
The requirement to ensure confidentiality shall not apply when:

  •   It is requested so in writing by the person when or after providing information on the infringement;
  •  The person provides knowingly false information.