We understand our role in the development of business very directly – BY WORKING ACCORDING TO SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRINCIPLES, WE CREATE AND EMPOWER THE ENVIRONMENT, PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE AND RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS STANDARDS AND PRACTICES, SHARE POSITIVE EXPERIENCES AND CONSTANTLY IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT AROUND THE COMPANY, BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT HOW THE ENTERPRISE, THE ENVIRONMENT AND PEOPLE WILL LIVE TOMORROW. These are not just words, but real aspirations in our everyday processes. Production efficiency, corporate responsibility, respect for employees and the community, maximum conservation of resources, and careful use of raw materials will always be our main operating standards, enabling us to achieve better results with less energy, emission costs, and with a cleaner and healthier environment with happier people.

First of all, every business works for their clients because the success of any business depends on their well-being. In our business processes, we create value-added products in order to ensure their maximum quality.

  •  Our essential business sustainability principles speak to the creation of added value for the public, employees and shareholders. For these objectives, we ACTIVELY IMPLEMENT THE LEAN PHILOSOPHY in organising all our work processes and in promoting the creation of value, identification of wasteful processes and the continuous improvement of operations. LEAN facilitates the creation of work organization systems and increases production efficiency, while improving quality and service with the same resources.
  •  The aspect mentioned above of creating value for employees is also important. We are active and responsible about the DEVELOPMENT OF A SAFE AND HEALTHY WORKING ENVIRONMENT, and respectively – with the daily well-being of our employees. The group implemented the OHSAS 18001:2007 (ISO 45001 from 2021) occupational health and safety management standard, which helps ensure process consistency and adequate attention to the most essential details.
  •  WE ALSO CARE ABOUT SHAREHOLDERS, in entrusting their funds to our management. With our daily quality work and achievements, we earn profits for the company and dividends for its shareholders. We carefully analyze the market situation and create active business growth strategies with utilisation of the growth potential, targeted investments in technology, and clear geographic expansion plans. We are successful, because we have been constantly growing for 5 years, and executing backward vertical integration in our production processes (production of raw materials, thermal energy production, and procurement centralization). Strengthening of business differentiation allows managing risks in different segments and thus helps us to achieve economies of scale in our business support and auxiliary functions.
  •  AWARENESS OF THE ENVIRONMENT is one of the key aspects of our sustainability that encourages us to constantly think and take action to ensure a safe and healthy environment for present and future generations. We constantly invest and install environmentally friendly equipment; Grigeo AB was the first company in Lithuania to be awarded the EU Eco Flower sign for its implementation of the EU's sustainable consumption and production policy aimed at reducing the negative impact of consumption and production on the environment, health, climate and natural resources; our paper for sanitary and household needs and corrugated cardboard are produced by processing secondary raw materials – waste paper, thereby reducing the amount of waste in Lithuania, neighbouring countries, and contributing to the conservation of forests. Our annual tree planting campaigns have already become a nice tradition for us.